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Robin tzivanis


Sexy and Sophisticated Works of Fiction  with Action- Romance- Murder- Revenge- Corruption- and Time Travel

My Story

These pictures of me were all taken in the past five years as I transitioned from a redhead to my natural white and went deeper into this decade of life. I'm adding them to make the point that I embrace change, I like to be unpredictable and- I can always dye it again. My life has changed as much as my pictures, but under it all, at any age and with any hair color, I'm still me. I like who I am. I've done my part to help others and now I'm pleasing myself and my 'last love'. Life is never perfect, but I believe that a person's life is supposed to be both productive to humanity, and fun- not staid and boring. For me, writing is the ultimate fantasy-come-true. I get to project myself into the world I create and be/do/say in ways that are not 'me'. I'm a mature woman who was brought up to be a 'girl scout', but when I write, I can unleash all the wonderfully weird thoughts in my head and create the people who would do them. 


I probably start a book the same way as any writer...I get an idea. But then, my years of experience as a psychiatric nurse kick in and I analyze what kind of person(s) would be involved in that idea. I wonder who they are, what they think of themselves, what pressures will mold them, what might change them, and who they are likely to become. I like to create complex characters, with some good and some evil in them, because I think that represents the actual people we meet every day. Contest judges must agree, since I always get high marks and positive comments about my character development, which is wonderful reinforcement, because the characters do all the work. They tell me the story. I just type it. That way, my characters are being true to themselves and to the way the story line creates change for them, and within them. Sometimes, I giggle, or get tears in my eyes, and at those moments, I'm sure they are telling the story correctly.

Think about the classic romance of Scarlett and Rhett in Gone with the Wind. Their characters evolve, changed by everything they endure, yet they stay true to the basic natures. I don't know about you, but that's a 'ten tissue' book for me and I want to leap into it and shake them both! Their idiocy is so upsetting, yet so true to who they are. I will never claim to be another Margaret Mitchell, but I do confess to being influenced heavily by her, even down to the impulse to have endings that leave things unfinished. She was a master of  'always leave them wanting more'. 

I can only hope that I can create that feeling sometimes, and that you stay up too late or ignore the tasks you should be doing, because you want to keep turning the pages to find out what happens next. I can only hope that my characters make you angry or sad, or that you're sorry when the story ends. Most of all, I can only hope that you have as much fun reading my books as I do writing them.


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I'd love to hear from fans!

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No Easy Answers

Sarah and Mike are hot for each other, but they don’t want to get burned. Their affair has grown from lust, to like, to love, but there’s one big problem. Mike is already married, and doesn’t intend to get a divorce- mostly for all the wrong reasons. When war erupts, their reserve unit is activated and sent to the Mid-East, and Sarah and Mike face new pressures, and discover new joy together. But the real world won’t go away that easily, and Sarah and Mike face the ultimate questions about love:  What is it really, and what are they willing to do to get it?

No Easy Answers explores the pitfalls of breaking all the rules- and still hoping to win!

No easy answers
Psychopathic Intentions

Psychopathic Intentions

This book was written to pay tribute to all the mystery writers I've read all these years. I wanted to create a psychological thriller with a surprise ending. The killer...well, it could be anyone!

Psychopathic Creations

Psychopathic Creations

new PC Cover.jpg

In this sequel to Psychopathic Intentions, the chase resumes, this time in Texas. Robert John Hamilton III is a rich man, courtesy of his grandfather, RJ1, who runs the largest oil company in Texas. Against family tradition, Bob wants to be a cop, and has achieved his desires with his high-ranking role within the Crimes Against Persons Division in Dallas. At least, he thought that, until he inherited a nightmare in the form of a botched FBI case, and a series of new high profile murders on his turf.  
Florida detective Hillary Jansen is sent to help out and lend her expertise from the last task force. Before long, FBI Special Agent Robert Morrison is sent back into the fray as well, to redeem the reputation of the FBI, and try to save his own career. 
The killer they seek, dubbed Dallas 180, is the most challenging kind to catch. He's organized, intelligent, and a total chameleon who changes his identity, and his MO as often as the whim strikes him.  
This time he starts with the governor's daughter and it just gets more personal from there, with each victim slapping the chasers in the face with his audacity and cruelty. But, Dallas 180 has an Achilles heel, and that's Rachel Kennelly-Miller, PhD, the heroine from Psychopathic Intentions. She comes out to Texas to support her best friend, Hillary Jansen through a crisis, and creates an even bigger one when both women go missing.  
Dallas 180's fascination with Rachel is finally going to get her killed...or him caught!

Survival Games

Survival Games

Survival Games cover.jpg

Maria Fellini lives in 2116 and Calvin Lionel lives in 2016. They were never supposed to meet, and they were certainly never supposed to fall in love. Their worlds are drastically different, hers created because of the advancements made in his through the brilliance of his best friend Josh Hamilton, and Cal's brilliant management of the Hamilton Program through Operation Survival.

Their meeting is precipitated by a disaster in Maria's world that necessitates her getting help from Hamilton and Lionel and keeps them all at risk from terrorists and their own desires.  Manipulating the events in both worlds  becomes a game with devastating consequences...and wonderful possibilities as seven people try to determine the course of history and their own fates.

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Wallflower is a book about one woman- what it took to break her…and put her back together. Have you ever assembled something- and found leftover parts? What did you do with them? Keep them in a drawer hoping you’ll figure out what they are for someday? Throw them out?

When a woman puts herself back together, there are also leftover parts. Things she needs to let go, or work to get back. Things she tried to get rid of. Things she didn’t. Things she'll miss. Things she never wants to see again. What if you were broken, and when you put yourself back together, you were different…really different? That’s what happened to Kimberly.

For anyone who wonders about how a perfectly normal person can do perfectly abnormal things, or anyone who cheered when the hero kills the bad guy, this book is for you.

Final- Wallflower.jpg


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When Morgan and Jason met, it was a match made in Hell. Jason is a charismatic man destined for greatness- but with a dark and dangerous side that haunts him. Morgan is a brilliant, spoiled, young beauty, used to being the center of attention, and getting her way with men. Jason sees her, wants her and claims her for his own, and she is captivated. She is the air in his lungs, the blood beating in his veins and he can’t- and won’t live without her. Morgan is mesmerized by his addiction to her, and she returns it unconditionally.

Together they move deeper and deeper into a sexually charged, volatile, and dangerous existence- a double life. One of service to their country that takes them to the pinnacle of success, and one of selfish, indulgent excess that takes them to the depths of depravity.  Whether they are taking lovers of either sex into their bed, money-laundering, or issuing pay-to-play ‘favors’, they do it with impunity. They become their own creation- a myth even they begin to believe- the ‘new Camelot’. They are the couple with great ideas to change the country, the couple every other couple wants to be.

Using a sensual web of lies, sex, and the lure of easy money, Morgan and Jason can seduce people into getting anything they want. The concept of ‘mutually assured destruction’, and the dirt they have or create on them, keeps their minions in line. When it doesn’t, Jason’s old CIA comrade is available to take them out of the picture in creative ways.

As their power and influence expands, so too does their lust for more- and their determination to protect the myth. Their corruption grows like rust, eating away at their lives and souls, leaving few ways out as their victims pile up. No one can touch them. No one can stop them. Unless that rust corrodes enough of their souls for them to self-destruct, nothing else will ever stop them.

Dangerous Duo

Deja Vu

Deja Vu Cover.jpg

A book-within-a-book, Deja Vu explores the twists, murders, and ultimate guilt in the writer's real life and that of her fictional character. Hang on to reality as this book challenges it at every turn of the page.

Deja Vu
Stadium Concrete Seats

Mountain Madness

Samantha and Joe Weatherly are law enforcement officers who have earned the right to a quiet life in a small city in Montana, where they can raise their son in peace, but it appears that they aren’t going to get it when a resident is brutally murdered and leaves clues about counterfeiting and arms trafficking. Carefully, with the help of Secret Service Senior Detective Justin Gordon, they follow the breadcrumbs and discover a world of organized crime with its roots in Vietnam, and it’s governance right out of Greek mythology.


For fifty years, KOSMOS has spread its tentacles into all aspects of crime, weaving the participants into a generational web of wealth for reward and death for punishment. Plutus, the god of wealth, stands alone as the leader, and his power is enforced by Thanatos, the god of death.


The original men of KOSMOS are all aging now and come to realize that retirement from KOSMOS comes with enough money to support a small country, but they aren’t likely to live long enough to spend it. The closer law enforcement gets to the code name players, the more people die.

Many of the deaths occur at the hands of a female assassin, a dark Tinkerbell who is dubbed ‘Audrey’. Audrey is profane, outspoken, and as she puts it to Thanatos, ‘I’m not housebroken’, meaning that Thanatos might be in charge of death, but Audrey administers it her own way and with her own unique vision of justice.

As things unravel, it finally become clear that there is sabotage within the ranks of KOSMOS, which just might solve the case. Sam, Joe, and Justin can’t help but feel relief because taking the organization apart from the outside appears to come at a cost they are not willing to pay.

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Moutain Madness
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