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Pink Bunnies

I often marvel at the power of the imagination. It's what truly separates us from the other wondrous creatures that inhabit our planet. Humans can imagine. As a result, we create. We create solutions to problems, we create things we never even knew we needed until they were created, and we create for entertainment. That's what novels do. They create a reality for fun, or maybe to terrorize, upset, or otherwise engage the reader. Then we turn them into movies so they can be visualized by people who may not 'see' it from the written page. Imagination has extended, improved, and enriched our lives. We only need to drop preconceived notions and step into the possibilities, and it's the job of a novelist to get you to want to do that. I often say that I could write a book about pink bunnies invading earth on a mission to kill all the trees...cows...whatever, and it could be a successful book. My only job as a writer is to create pink bunnies you love to hate...and then maybe sympathize with...or maybe you hate them and a hero rises and destroys the pink bunnies and saves the day. Or maybe the bunnies cannot be killed by humans, so a scientist breeds green bunnies to kill the pink ones. It truly doesn't matter, as long as I can create characters with depth, reasons for their behavior, and get them doing interesting things that make you want to turn the page. Think about it. We spent a lot of time and money falling in love with vampires with sparkling skin, wizards, space-traveling non-humans with a strange language that we learned, and lawyers with clients who were never guilty. We love to be entertained, we're willing to suspend disbelief, and we enjoy stepping into realities that are far different from our lives. I love being able to create those alternate realities! Don't be surprised when I eventually write about pink feels like a fun challenge.


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